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Art teacher Barry Stebbing

Art for All Ages!   

Art Education with a Christian Perspective

Teach art the fun and easy way! Enjoy the journey by learning alongside your children. The curriculum is a joy, time tested and inexpensive!

“…Precept upon precept, Line upon line…” — Isaiah 28:10

Curriculum for All Ages!

Excellent DVD Instruction

Masterfully produced in the studios of the American Family Association

• Step-by-Step Instructions
• Teaching the Fundamentals to All Ages
• Color Theory Beginning Painting
• 6 Hours of Lessons in Each

Great for the Christian School & the Art Classroom!

Beginning Drawing with Wally the Worm

Have your students follow along with paper and pencil.
( P.S. — Parents can join, too!)

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Classics for the Little Ones

Ages 3 thru 5

Not a coloring book! Many fun & easy lessons for preschoolers. Including lettering, addition and subtraction, beginning writing, cut and paste, stories from the Bible, games, ABC’s – all in a fun way! Over 100 pages. (Inquire about our recommended materials.)

Was $10.95

Ages 4 thru 8

An adorable course teaching the social graces along with scripture and simple art lessons. “Annie’s” teaches dinner etiquette, how to be a good listener, saying “Please and Thank you,” obeying parents, writing thank you cards and much more! Over 100 pages. (Inquire about recommended materials.)

Was $14.95

Now Only $7.95

From the Desk of Mr. Stebbing
The art materials we recommend for each program are of a good quality and a very reasonable price.

Ages 6 thru 9

A delightful children’s story about a Canada goose with a broken wing whose name is Joseph and how he becomes friends with a lonely old farmer named Elmer Thatcher. Includes many delightful art lessons. (Inquire about recommended materials.)

Was $14.95

Now Only $9.95

Ages 4 thru 9

Great for the Home! Great for Sunday School! And great as a gift for grandma to read to the little ones! This beautiful, full-colored text includes favorite children’s Bible stories along with simple art lessons and is completely illustrated by children.

Was $24.95

Ages 6 thru 9

#1 Best Seller!

Now you can purchase the I Can Do DVD bundle package (text, dvd, paints, brushes, markers, colored pencils, drawing pen, sharpener & eraser at a special price and receive Baby Lambs free!

Free Baby Lambs with Bundle Package!

Ages 8 thru 11

A favorite families for years. 1 year curriculum with 70 lessons. Teaches fundamentals of drawing and color theory. Subjects include: color theory, drawing, perspective, nature studies, anatomy, portraits, cartooning, lettering, creative writing and more.

Was $16.95

Ages 8 thru 11

Complements Lamb’s Book of ART I. It doesn’t matter which text you start with as Lamb’s II simply offers more lessons on lettering, drawing, color theory, perspective, cartooning, and more! Students can work directly in these texts, making for a delightful portfolio.

Was $16.95

Buy both Lambs I & II for only $19.95!  And have another delightful 70 lessons!

Great Drawing Programs

Ages 12 – adults

Teaches the fundamentals of drawing at intermediate level. A year’s worth of lessons on line, shading, shadows, values, composition, still lifes, chiaroscuro, foreshortening, negative space, nature, animal studies, human anatomy, portraits and perspective.

Was $16.95

From the Desk of
Mr. Stebbing
The art materials we recommend for each program are of a good quality and a very reasonable price.

Ages 12 – adults

Compliments How Great Thou ART I. Do not have to complete How Great Thou Art I first. Offers more daily lessons in drawing, pen and ink, perspective, nature studies, graphics and much more. (Inquire about recommended materials.)

Was $16.95

Barry Stebbing is a widely known and recognized expert in art instruction among homeschooling families! That is why we chose him for the art forum on Mary Pride

Buy both for $19.95!

#1 Best Seller!

Age 10 thru adults

Now you can purchase Feed My Sheep curriculum DVD bundle package (text, dvd, paints, brushes, colored pencils, drawing pencils, sharpener and eraser.
This bestselling 4-year curriculum is a comprehensive art text and workbook containing over 250 generously illustrated step-by-step lessons. (We recommend one set of paint cards for additional students – $7.95.)
Note: We recommend weaving in & out of the chapters to provide the student with a little variety: drawing, painting, penmanship, art appreciation.

Great Bundle Package!

Daily Lesson!

Journaling for All Ages

Ages 6 thru 10

A delightful way to teach children beginning drawing, writing skills, and penmanship. Keeping an art journal can be both fun and educational and something the entire family will cherish when completed. Over 50 pages of instruction along with a journal primer in the back of the text.

Was $14.95

Now $7.95

Ages 11 – adults

Pointers on penmanship, formatting pages, having a theme, and what to write about. A drawing program is included in the back of the text.

Was $15.95

Now $12.95

Journaling should be a must in every student’s education.
Mr. Stebbing

An Academic Approach to Color

Age 12 thru adults

Daily Lesson

For the serious minded student and those who love color. Courses in colored pencils, markers, painting, color theory, and more. (Note: The completed text can be used as part of an art portfolio, providing evidence of the depth of learning.) Thorough instruction, yet enjoyable. Comes with 30 paint cards. (Inquire about recommended art materials.)
Was $42.95

Now Only $19.95!

Age 13 thru adults

Nature is God’s studio and a wonderful classroom! Text is redolent with full color nature studies by Mr. Stebbing along with many pointers in keeping an art journal and working our of doors. (Inquire about recommended art materials.)
Was $26.95

Daily Lesson

Now Only $19.95!

I study with birds, flowers, God and myself.

Antonio Dvorak

Age 12 thru adults

From the Desk of Mr. Stebbing

“A set of paint cards is included with God & the History of Art, I Can Do All Things, Feed my Sheep, and The Book of Many Colors. However, an extra set of paint cards should be purchased for each additional student.”

#1 Best Seller!

A Classic for over 20 Years!

This four-year curriculum offers an extensive survey of art history. Over 250 art lessons in beginning drawing, painting, perspective, anatomy, color theory, and much more. The 2 volumes are in chronological order, artists and periods discussed in detail. Set of 35 paint cards included along with a set of 36 full colored post cards. Review: “I love it because I have been able to look up any artist that I run across and their narrative is in THERE!” (Inquire about our bundle package including the recommended art materials and save!)

Full Color Post Cards

Ages 10 & Up

A simple introduction to art history focusing on some of the great masters and Godly masterpieces. One year. Includes art lessons.
Was $16.95

Now $8.95

For the Teacher


From the Desk of Mr. Stebbing

All of our texts have daily lessons, created to give confidence to a substitute teacher in my absence. Simple to follow instructions with specific learning objectives. Working in the texts makes for a delightful portfolio. Teaching art can be quite overwhelming for those who know little about art and lack confidence. How to Teach Art offers many pointers for teaching in the home or classroom. I have included in this book a thorough guidebook of instructions for teaching students. If you have any questions please contact me. Hoping for the best!

Only $5.95

Ages 3 thru 5

80 pages.

Only $12.95

Ages 4 thru 8

Mr. Stebbing uses this journal for his daily entries and sketches. A treasure of a journal and a keepsake! 72 pages.

Only $24.95

A handsome, hardcover book that is inspiring for all ages. It is art appreciation, United States geography, and the journal entries of this great adventure as Mr. and Mrs. Stebbing journeyed across the United States, along with another artist, on a quest to paint three oil paintings in each state. The pages are filled with journal entries, photographs, paintings, quotes, sketches and humorous anecdotes. 142 glossy pages.


Was $29.95


Now $19.95

A Classical Novel by BF Stebbing

Cedric Footprints in the Sand

Inspired by a true story; the tale of Cedric takes us through the earlier years of the Victorian Era. It is threaded with romance, heroics and art. An inspiration to both young and old Cedric will bring the reader to a higher level of appreciation for what is pure, virtuous, and of a good report! Becky Beck

A classic book is one that can be enjoyed by anyone from 4 to 80. ‘Cedric’ fits the bill and will soon be a classic! Cedric is good and true and beautiful. Just read it and see for yourself. The beauty and terror of the sea come alive in the Victorian Era, along with crusty old characters in need of redemption, intertwined with the story of a truly amazing dog and the splash of delightful romances. A love for God is woven throughout the entire story. Personally, I am going to enjoy reading Cedric to my entire family! It’s hard to find books that everyone will like but this one has the makings to be enjoyed by our 16 year old all the way down to our 4 year old, with all the kids in between! Patty Jinks

I finished reading Cedric and plan on reading it to the family! A great book deserving 5 stars! Harry Stinson

A Classical Approach to Art History

Best Seller!

Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

Children love to draw horses! What better way to practice the fundamentals of drawing & color theory than by having them learn more about one of God’s most beautiful creatures. Includes over 75 lessons with both a beginning & intermediate course, along with 5 delightful marker cards for colored marker assignments. 168 pages with handy sketchbook included in back.

Was $16.95

Now $8.50

Sample Art Lesson

Running Horse
by Alan Perry Age 6