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Art teacher Barry Stebbing

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Teach art the fun and easy way! Enjoy the journey by learning alongside your children. The curriculum is a joy, time tested and inexpensive!

“…Precept upon precept, Line upon line…” — Isaiah 28:10

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A Classical Approach to Art History

A Classical Novel by BF Stebbing


Footprints in the Sand

Inspired by a true story; the tale of Cedric takes us through the earlier years of the Victorian Era. It is threaded with romance, heroics and art. An inspiration to both young and old Cedric will bring the reader to a higher level of appreciation for what is pure, virtuous, and of a good report! Becky Beck

A Classic-Good, True and Beautiful!

“A classic book is one that can be enjoyed by anyone from 4 to 80. ‘Cedric’ fits the bill and will soon be a classic! Cedric is good and true and beautiful. Just read it and see for yourself. The beauty and terror of the sea come alive in the Victorian era, along with crusty old characters in need of redemption, intertwined with the story of a truly amazing dog, with a splash of delightful chaste romances. A deep love of God is strongly woven throughout the entire story. Personally, I am going to enjoy reading this book to my entire family! It’s hard to find books that everyone will like but this one has the makings to be enjoyed by our 16 year old all the way down to our 4 year old, with all the kids in between!”

Cedric: Footprints in the Sand

Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2024

I finished reading Cedric and plan on reading it to the family! A great book deserving 5 stars!

Curriculum for All Ages!