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This collectible hardcover book with dust jacket is suitable for all ages. It is an engaging account for older students and adults, but also a delightful read-aloud for families. It is part art appreciation, part United States geography, part biography. In 1990 and 1991, Mr. and Mrs. Stebbing journeyed across the United States, along with another artist, on a quest for Mr. Stebbing to paint three oil paintings in each state. Short entries allow the reader to follow along on their travels state by state. The pages are filled with journal entries, photographs, paintings, quotes, sketches and humorous anecdotes. 142 glossy pages.

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“As my Dutch companion was finishing a banana he placed his peel on the dashboard. I casually explained that a banana was ‘bio-degradable’ and that he could simply throw it out the window…There was a pause…and then it came out: ‘I didn’t twow it out ov da vindow because I didn’t vant a car to slip on it!’ “

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