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Do you have questions about helping your children progress in art, or about which curriculum is right for your family or Christian school?  If you don’t find the answer below, please send us a note using the form at the bottom of the page, and we will be happy to help.

How long is each lesson in the art texts?

Most of the lessons have been created to last one class period – anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour. However, this will vary greatly from assignment to assignment and student to student – some lessons are easy and others are more difficult. Encourage students to take their time to make sure they fulfill the objectives for the day.

How many hours a week should we spend doing artwork?

Generally speaking, start with one or two hours a week for the beginning student; three hours a week for a student who seems to show a real interest; and five hours or more for the really serious art student.

What do I do when students become frustrated with art?

Every student becomes frustrated with their artwork at one time or another. Focus on having a good attitude and doing their best. If difficulty continues, assist them with the lessons. If the assignment is too difficult, go on to another art assignment or return to art at another time. Mood has a lot to do with art. Don’t insist on art time, as it is a subject that can not be forced on most students, but…

Can they do the art lessons on their own?

The younger the student, the more quality time you will spend with them. You may even have to do parts of a lesson for them when they become frustrated. This is called “hands on.” Children also love it when you sit next to them and do your own artwork. Older students can work more independently. Review each assignment before beginning to know what the day’s objectives are and be…

What about a student with low self-esteem in art?

Many students have little confidence when it comes to artwork. However, every student has a level of ability to one degree or another, and this should be nurtured. Select a curriculum that complements the student, not too easy or too difficult. Select a curriculum that is a little above their expectations. It is up to the teacher to inspire, encourage, and direct, installing belief that they..

How do I evaluate my children’s artwork?

Evaluating children’s artwork takes confidence and practice. One way of evaluating is to see if the student fulfilled the specific objective(s) for each lesson, following the instructions. Another way is simply by holding drawings up to a mirror (to see a reverse image of the picture), which will reveal many of the mistakes. Finally, when evaluating, balance praise with constructive criticism.

How do I preserve my children’s artwork?

Have a sketchbook for each student and try to have them put their best artwork in it. Esteem their sketchbooks so that they will respect them and use them as a portfolio of their best work. (An art journal is also recommended as an effective means for preserving artwork.) For younger children, do colored marker artwork on card stock, as it provides a durable surface for the bold colors, stores well, and…

Can I make copies of the book pages?

When you buy our texts, you have permission to copy the textbook materials for use by your family. Usually families purchase one text and multiple sets of extra paint and marker cards so that each child has his or her own cards. Most exercises can also be done in a sketchbook rather than directly in the text. For co-op groups or school settings, each child (or each family) needs a book. We…

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