God & the History of Art, Text and DVD


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Ages: 10 & up Includes Volumes I & II plus the DVD.

A Godly Perspective to ART History. A great resource, this three to four-year curriculum features an extensive survey of art history, supplemented with over 250 lessons teaching beginning drawing, painting, use of colored markers, perspective, color theory, and so much more. This book is set up in chronological order, with artists and periods of art discussed in great detail. * Godly Periods of Art * Christian Artists * Biblically Based * Beginning Drawing * Beginning Painting * Over 250 Art Lessons * Over 450 Pages * Enjoyable & Educational * Includes 10 “Marker Cards” * Includes 25 paint cards * Filled with Student Artwork * Examinations * Includes 34 Master Postcards

See sample here: https://issuu.com/hgta/docs/gh_sample

This set includes God & the History of Art I and II texts and the DVD. The DVD is not necessary, but highly recommended, as it highlights different periods in art history and shows full color works from the masters.

The DVD was produced after the texts, and for parents who want a step by step explanation of when to watch which segment of the DVD and when to do which lessons, we recommend the Teacher Manual, in which that plan is laid out clearly.

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