An Introductory to Art History-Landscape Painters- Without Binder


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Ages 8 thru adult: From the creators of God & the History of Art (& other award winning programs) a new series of one year courses on art history! Learn about the style and purpose of landscape painters throughout the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries. Easy to follow, daily lessons with art lessons relevant to artists or periods being discussed. A one year program focusing on both a Christian and classical approach to art history. Text comes without binder but includes a set of full color “masterpiece cards” along with a set of “art lesson cards” (to be worked on directly with each lesson.) Art lessons teach the basic fundamentals of drawing and the academics of color theory. Also, introducing a delightful new approach to beginning painting with markers! Materials needed for program: set of 12 colored pencils, brush, set of 8 water soluble markers, and a fine black drawing pen.



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