An Introduction to Art History-Early Christian Art


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Brand new release, March 2019! Now in print version! This includes: one 71 page softcover text, 18 cardstock lesson cards with full color Masterpiece cards, and one black 3 ring binder, all packaged attractively together in shrink wrapping. Binder has a label affixed, for the child’s name. Lesson Cards and Masterpieces are 3 hole punched for ease in creating the child’s art history portfolio.

An Introduction to Art History – A Classical Approach to Art History” is designed to be a first art history course for anyone desiring to add some art appreciation to their home or Christian school. All ages can learn together in these 30 minute sessions which connect other subject areas to the fine arts. Classical educators will especially love the third text in this series, which introduces The Early Church & The Dark Ages, The Middle Ages & the Book of Kells, The Gothic & Byzantine Periods to the student, along with delightful art lessons.

Included are colorful works by the artists on 7 cardstock “Masterpieces” pages, along with 11 cardstock “Art Lesson Cards” for the art lessons. Students complete the art lessons and add them to the included 3 ring binder, creating a delightful portfolio by the end of the course. Ages 6 & Up.

There are 36 brief art history lessons, 36 art lessons, and 3 quizzes. They are divided into 12 days of lessons for each artist, combining factual information about the person’s life with a brief art lesson to complete. This course is copyrighted and allowed to be copied and used by one homeschool, but is also suitable for homeschool group meetings or classrooms. In group or co-op settings, each family needs to purchase a book to be in compliance with copyright regulations.


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