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  1. painting with markers sunset
    01 Feb, 2017
    Blessings of Handmade Valentines
    Illustrating your own Valentine cards can be a true delight.  The most practical way to make a card is to first draw it lightly in pencil and then go over everything with a black fine pen.  Your design should be approx. 4" X  5" so that you can "paste" two up on a standard sheet of card stock paper.  Run off your cards, cut, and then color in with colored pencils.  Voila!  An original.  You could even hand sign each as a "limited edition". Here is a guest post from Lynn Riedel, a homeschooling
  2. Turkey Painting How Great Thou ART Children's Art Contest Special Merit Award
    18 Nov, 2016
    How Great Thou ART Turkey Art Contest Winners 2016!
    Congratulations to all of these young artists on a job well done! You all have so much talent! Mr. Stebbing has some wonderful words for you.
  3. Song of the Angels painting public domain
    12 Aug, 2016
    Learning from the Masters: Why study art history?
    Why study art history?  For one, it will enrich your students along with broadening their horizons.  One of the purposes in education is to broaden one's horizons and the study of art history, along with many of the great masters, accomplishes this goal.  It can be quite inspiring for the students, connecting with their emotions, as well as their academic learning, thereby leaving a lasting impression.  Finally, it makes
  4. teen painting on canvas
    01 Aug, 2015
    Why Teach Art in your Homeschool
    Why teach art? Let us not forget that children love art. It is an innate gift from God. The younger they are, the more creative and uninhibited they seem to be. It has also been proven that the act of creating is medicinal, good for one’s well being. Likewise, research has revealed that students will excel in the academics who are also involved in a good art program. We believe that drawing is a learned discipline built upon the fundamentals, “Precept upon precept, line upon line.” (Isaiah