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Nature Drawing and Journaling DVD: Flowers

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Student  Art  Gallery

November 2016
Children's Turkey Art Contest Winners

  1. Turkey Art Contest
    by Tiffany Tillingham, age 13 Winner, ages 13-18
  2. Homeschool Art Contest
    Painting by Stephanie Tian, age 17 *Special Merit Award*
  3. Homeschool Art Contest Turkey
    by Brian Jenks, age 9 Winner, ages 8-12
  4. Chalk Pastels Turkey Art Contest
    by Donny James Carpenter, age 6 Winner, ages 3-7
Honorable Mention Awards
Emmanuel Hanson, age 14
Matea Horsman, age 16
Abbi Grace, age 15
Elsa Grace, age 14
Mercy Sobkoviak, age 14
Joseph Amiri, age 11
Isabella Grace, age 10
Nathan Webb, age 11
Bethany Massey, age 12
Grace Watson, age 10
Trinity Pellitteri, age 10
Taia Saurer, age 8
Abraham Greeley, age 9
Vicky Glaze, age 7
Satori Greer, age 7
Dharma Durham, age 10
David Durham, age 9
Samuel Davison, age 7
Noah Pellitteri, age 7
Carol Olson, age 8
Elizabeth Amiri, age 5
Rilian Cutrera, age 6
Anita Greeley, age 7
Maria Webb, age 5
Eamon Grace, age 6
Ezekiel Davison, age 4
Hannah Cutrera, age 4
Astrid Morris, age 4