Award- winning
 since 1994

from Instructor Barry Stebbing,
author of God & the History of Art, Feed My Sheep, I Can Do All Things

How Great Thou ART

Homeschool Art Curriculum,
Christian & Classical Education

"Teach their minds while feeding their spirits."       

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Art teacher Barry Stebbing

God and the History of Art Feed My Sheep I Can Do All Things

Each book
is one year of Art History
for any homeschool:
Charlotte Mason,  
and more!

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Are you part of Classical Conversations?  
This program fits perfectly into your meetings!  
Each artist is studied in 12 lessons, 30 mins. each.
Contact us at to order with a discount for 10 families or more.

Classical Art Education from a Christian perspective.
Teach art the fun and easy way! Enjoy the journey & learn art alongside your children.
 Learn Art and Art History from the Masters while Homeschooling on a Budget ...
Our curriculum choices mean homeschool art lessons are a joy and inexpensive!
..."Precept upon precept, Line upon line..." Isaiah 28:10

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